Tuesday 9 February 2010

Starting Point

Blog Blog Blog Blog
New Year, New Century, its even a new decade..
Time to move on and get with the program so to speak.
So I am going all social like..
I've got me Facebook account, my Twitter account, my Blogger account and my RSS feeds are feeding away like billy oohh.
God knows when I will get the time to read them all.

(Good job then that I have time aplenty at the moment)

So this is the starting point for my recovery documentation
Where do I begin so to speak.
Well it certainly looks like its Single Handed Sailing for me from now on......

Courtesy of recent liason between my Ducati ST2 and Citroen Picasso its all Single Handed Blogging as well..

Here is a bit of background. 
First here is the bike

Second here is the  car
The time is approx 0800 on Monday 19th Oct 2009

Location is  Glenshane Pass

add the 2 together at the single carriageway speed limit

And that is what now gives me the time to mess about blogging.

I hope you get the idea, its a bit difficult to write about or even to think about at the moment.
So thats it for my first blog.
More to come soon. Disregard the upload dates, I am playing catch up for the time lost due to morphine etc and I have been messing about with the blogger.com editing features.